Into the Wilderness – Orange Karen Anthology Countdown: Day 10

Jeff Tsuruoka helps us to get our week off to a good start with his inspirational post. Head “into the wilderness” with Jeff and while you’re there write a short story to submit to the Orange Karen Anthology – deadline December 15th.
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Into the Wilderness
Jeff Tsuruoka
    If you know anything about Jewish mysticiscm you are familiar with the words, “the wilderness”.
    In a literal sense the wilderness refers to the forty years spent lost in the desert following the exodus from Egypt. In a broader sense it represents the journey all of us take through life, our wanderings, our doubts and fears, our aspirations, our confusion and our convictions.
    We are all in the wilderness, seeking the way through to the other side, to a promised land.
Rabbi Lawrence Kushner describes the wilderness as, “A place that demands being open to the flow of life around you.” To be in the wilderness means to be “on your way.”
    There are signposts in the wilderness, guides, that can help you get to where you belong, to where you need to be.
    For me, one of those signposts came in the form of a group of fellow writers I’ve become associated with via an old friend, through the advent of social media. In a very short span of time I’ve been welcomed into their family and welcomed them into my heart. The relationships are real. The friendships are real. The love and support are real. We have each other’s backs, support each other’s work, and when somebody needs a lift we are there to do what we can to help.
    Our friend, Karen DeLabar, is fighting her way back from a life-threatening illness. She is, through her own strength and with the love of her husband and two daughters, making a remarkable recovery, but insurance can only cover so much of the cost.
    That’s where we come in.
    We want to help the DeLabar’s, just as they would without hesitation help any of us, and as writers we’ve decided to do so by doing what we do best.
    We’ve decided to publish an anthology of original short stories on the theme of, ‘Orange’, in honor of our red-headed Karen, with all proceeds going to help cover medical expenses. The stories are not necessarily about Karen but have been inspired by her courage, her perseverance, and her sheer will to live and recover.
    This project is not exclusive to our small circle of writers. It is open to all.
    The forthcoming Orange Karen Anthology of original fiction is a project I’m proud to be a part of. I see it as further proof that, not just me, but all of us share this outpost in the wilderness.
    Each of us has to travel our own wilderness and while there will be times when we feel lost there is great comfort in the knowledge that we don’t always have to travel it alone.
Jeff Ferry2
Jeff Tsuruoka is an author in search of a writing career.
His life as a writer began at the age of six. He wrote stories based on the monster movies he watched on the 4:30 Movie after school.
Thirty six years later he still writes monster stories, though the monsters that populate his current work have a little more on the ball- at least in terms of conversation skills and the ability to drive cars- than Godzilla and his pals did.
He is hard at work on his first novel. Some of his writing is featured here.

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